Guide to Exploration
Welcome to the Scentscape Explorer! Please find a quiet place with a neutral smell (neutral for you), and prepare a glass of plain water
Please sit down on a comfortable chair, and calm yourself down
Please go to a survey below the guide via computer device. The experience will start. *The answers you provide will be kept anonymous and will be used only for art-science purposes.

Bonus | Share your experience with us!

Take a picture of your scentscape journey. Post it to your instagram account by tagging our account @scentscape_explorer. We will repost your picture on our ig page later. If you prefer not to share your personal ig account, you can send a picture to Team Olfaction by email :) We are looking to "smell" everyone's journey virtually!

Take a deep breath.
Allow yourself to take a moment, relax and go explore your personal path of memories.
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